2013 - 2015 OGPS
O.G.P.S. Filming & Investigations was founded in early 2010 and we are Ontario's First Openly Gay Paranormal Society. We're breaking down the walls where they need to be broken down within the paranormal world & the LGBT community.

We have been filming from 2013 and Servicing 
​Southwestern and Northern Ontario, with Investigating paranormal claims (Bigfoot, UFO's, Spirits, Elementals & more) from companies/businesses, historic buildings and homes.

In April 2012, we became Official Ghost Adventures Crew
Family Members (Travel Channel).

O.G.P.S.   Filming & Investigations

​Spiritual Protection Technique​

Have you had paranormal encounters within your dwelling or know someone who has?
​Are you willing to talk about your paranormal encounters on camera?
Then we would love to speak with you more.

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Filming for a new Paranormal Show​​
We are now filming for our show with Very Paranormall
Launching early Fall 2015​.

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One of the Podcast Radio shows that we were on for the United States.

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