2013 - 2016 OGPS
O.G.P.S. Filming and Investigations,  as a pioneer team and the first openly gay paranormal team of Ontario, Canada,  we are breaking down walls that are still out there between the paranormal community and also the LGBT community.

We formed in 2010 and started filming in 2013 with serving
the Province of Ontario.  Our goal is to film and investigate paranormal encounters from Bigfoot, UFO's, spirits, elemental's and more. We investigate companies/businesses, Historical Sites and homes.

In 2012, we became Official Ghost Adventures Crew Family Members on the Travel Channel and in 2015 we started to work with the streaming portal veryparanormal.com bringing you our own adventurers in the paranormal world.

O.G.P.S.   Filming & Investigations

We are Filming now:

​​We're now filming for a streaming paranormal show.
Bringing you some of the haunted and historical places
that are in Ontario.
"​Have you had any paranormal ​encounters?"  
Then we would like to hear from you! 

If you have had any Paranormal Encounters
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We are working with veryparanormal.com
to bring you Top Paranormal​ shows
and more.  
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DISCLAIMER: O.G.P.S. takes our work very seriously if there is any kind of slander to our group or with anything that we work with we will have to take it to the next level of law. Libel and Slander Act which prohibits the dissemination of defamatory comments, specifically, spoken or written words that discredit an individual in the estimation of right-thinking members of society generally. The law of defamation across Canada and particularly under the Libel and Slander Act in Ontario is of particular importance to many, if not most charitable and not-for-profit organizations for a number of reasons. Most charitable and not-for-profit organizations, even the smallest entities.

Mark Larocque  & Trevor Bishop